Residents of San Antonio

Critter Control of San Antonio provides wildlife removal, control, damage repair and prevention services to residential customers. Our technicians are experienced in humane animal removal services, animal control, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, trapping, animal damage repair, wildlife prevention services and more! Our goal is to solve your animal problem safely, quickly, effectively and affordably! Critter Control of San Antonio is your best choice for home wildlife control; there isn't a residential animal problem we can't handle! We know how to relocate armadillos, extract bats, remove raccoons, and so much more.

Armadillos will do most of their damages outside. They will uproot flowers and other ornamental plants, burrow under foundations and driveways, and rub their shells against your home causing marks. Call Critter Control of San Antonio to have the wild animal removed safely and to have preventative measures in place to ensure no future damage!

It can be very difficult for a homeowner to get rid of a bat extraction. There are precise techniques to be used to ensure safe extraction for the bats. Bat droppings can lead to a musky odor and is a health hazard for you and your family. Critter Control of San Antonio has experience in bat control and can rid you of your problem without problem!