Animal Damage Control

Animal Damage Repairs

Critter Control of San Antonio offers full service wildlife control programs. When you have wildlife inside of your home the potential damages can be extensive. Allow your technician from Critter Control of San Antonio to repair damages done by the wildlife, and rest assured it will be handled in a professional manner.

Animal Damage Repair Methods

Critter Control of San Antonio offers repair methods to keep damages from becoming dangerous for your home and family. Bats will leave behind a great amount of guano (bat droppings) that can cause health problems and a stinky mess inside your home. Your technician will be trained and experienced in the removal of animal droppings, and removing odors and stains.

Some of the professional wildlife damage repair methods can help in prevention. Preventing wildlife from entering your home is the best way to avoid the need for wildlife damage repairs. Insulation will be one of the main targets of destruction when wildlife enters your home. Critter Control of San Antonio has experience in replacing soiled insulation and getting it up to recommended levels.

Screening vents, chimney caps, and closing entry holes are just a few of the damage repairs that will help keep wildlife out at the same time. Call Critter Control of San Antonio for professional and humane animal damage repairs.