Animal Control

Residential Wild Animal Control

Animal control services are important due to the diseases and parasites they carry and the damages that are possible. If not controlled, wild animals can cause damages leading to leaks, fires, and foundation problems. When a dangerous or bothersome animal comes too close for comfort, it then becomes an animal control problem.

Wild Animal Control Solution

Critter Control of San Antonio can help eliminate your animal control problems. Having an armadillo under your home, bats in the chimney or pigeons on your roof is more than just a nuisance. Animal control tasks can seem daunting to the average homeowner, but we're here to help.

animal damage to roofAnimal control services should be handled immediately to avoid extensive damage. Once inside, raccoons will cause damage to the insulation and wiring. A raccoon chewing on the wiring in your attic is a huge fire hazard. If you suspect any kind of wildlife control problem, Critter Control of San Antonio should be contacted as soon as possible.

No domestic animal calls pleaseIn the area, we most commonly handle the control of armadillos, bats, pigeons, raccoons, rats, skunks, and snakes.